Feb 1 – San Francisco Archdiocese 22nd Annual Chinese New Year Dinner 灣區華人宗徒事務處的第22週年聚餐


PRISM的團員為了這次的演出,每個星期日都密鑼緊鼓地練習,雖然練習很長也很辛苦,但一班團員聚首一堂卻是歡笑聲不斷!週年聚餐的晚宴上,我們演唱了和而不同,新的開始和賀年歌!此外,我們也邀請了在場的各位賓客和教友一起和唱Lead Me Lord,各位的歌聲和掌聲實在是對PRISM莫大的支持,讓PRISM一眾團員非常感動!


Prism once again performed at the Chinese Ministry Annual Dinner! It was their 22nd anniversary and a warm welcoming to our new arch bishop Salvatore Cordileone.

Prism members have been meeting almost every Sunday to prepare for this event. Every practice was full of laughters and smiles, as well as sweat and stress.We performed our theme song for this year, 和而不同, as well as 新的開始 to greet them a Happy Chinese New Year! We also invited the audiences to sing Lead Me Lord along with us and everyone responded with lots of enthusiasm . All the hard work we put on was paid back with the applauses and singing from the audiences. We will keep up the hard work!

In the end, we enjoyed our dinner upstairs and our laughters after our hard work.
Stay tuned guys! We will have our concert coming up real soon in April! See you soon!best divorce lawyers near me