Who are we? 誰是Prism?
Prism Music (稜聲)是一個以年青人為福傳目標的樂團。我們於2006 年正式成立,是直屬三藩市總教區華人宗徒事務處的義務團體,宗旨是透過音樂去傳揚福音。
Prism 是指稜鏡;意即:透過光線、散發異彩。「光」是指基督的光,身為樂隊成員的我們希望透過天主的「光」,發揮我們的心思創意;透過我們創作的音樂去「分光」,將福音的喜訊傳遍世界各地。


Prism is a music ensemble formed by a group of dedicated young people with a heart for Catholic evangelization. Using their talents given by God, Prism’s mission is to spread the Good News with various styles of music and songs.

Prism is very unique because it can transform a beam of white light into a spectrum, filled with colors and joy. Prism’s members believe firmly in the Light of Christ, hoping to be a useful instrument of evangelization.

The young Prism members are always full of energy, joy, and love. They believe that God has given everyone some very special gifts. If we are willing to open our hands with all our hearts and souls, our gifts will be transformed to something greater – so great that we can use them to create a better and more beautiful world.