Jun 2007 – Evangelical Event「羅蘭 – 向灣區出發」佈道會

感謝主!在三藩市的 Riodian High School 舉行的「羅蘭向灣區出發佈道會」經已完滿結束。能夠參與這個佈道會,Prism感到非常榮幸和興奮。自從二月份的音樂會結束後,我們的腦海仍不時浮現著當晚的情境。那些美麗的樂章,神父的話語仍然震撼著我們的心靈。因此當我們接到主辦單位 “Cross Radio” 有關Prism參與這次佈道會的邀請後,便馬上商議有關事宜,為當日作好準備…


雖然我們已做好準備,但是因為有太多特發事件和變數,很多關於節目的流程,細節等等直到演出當晚也未能決定。結果,在演出前一分鐘我們也不肯定需要唱那一首歌,不需要唱那一首歌。對Prism 來說,簡直是一個緊張刺激的晚上。雖然如此,我們卻出奇的鎮定,對所有特發的指示也能輕鬆面對及演出。在此衷心感謝每一位成員和支持我們的朋友, 在困難之中仍能發揮為主服務的熱誠和對音樂的認真。在很多未知之數的環境下仍能給予信任及無限的包容,忍耐,對於重覆不斷的練習也從無怨言。讓我們能夠在這個佈道會上, 以音樂, 平安和喜樂的心來傳播天主的福音。


Thanks our Lord! The “Helena Law Lan – proceed to the Bay Area” Catholic Evangelization Conference held at San Francisco Riodian High School has been completed with a great success. Prism felt very honored and excited being able to participate. Since the concert ended in February, images of the conference are still fresh in our minds. The beautiful music and father’s gospel is still touching our hearts deeply. Therefore, when we receive the organizing unit’s (Cross Radio) invitation to participate at this evangelization conference, we immediately agree and start preparing and planning right away…

Every preparation is a new challenge. All we had was only one and a half month to prepare to make all necessary arrangements. Although the musical part at the evangelization conference does not play major role, but to make all kinds of arrangements in such a short period of time is not an easy matter to us. With God’s blessings, Prism was fortunate that we didn’t let anyone down. On the other hand, Prism also had the opportunity to try many new attempts. For example we reorganized the music of several traditional psalms. Also, we have added the choir and simple dancing to the performance. We hope all these additional entertainments can bring the audience a complete viewing and hearing experience, so they can fully engage to the evangelization conference.

Although we have prepared ourselves as much as we could, but due to many uncertainties in the program, a lot of details and decisions weren’t able to confirm until later that evening before the conference starts. Therefore, we weren’t able to confirm our songs selection until the very last minute. To Prism, that was an intense and exciting evening, nevertheless, given all the uncertainties, we were surprisingly calm. We have handled all the unexpected incidences and performed extraordinary well that evening. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each of the Prism members, friends and family who supported us. No matter how difficult it was, the team was still being able to serve God with all their hearts, and to take music seriously. Under many uncertainties, they have not only rely but also to trust God indefinitely, and never a complaint regarding the redundant unceasing practices. Let us use music to bring peace and happiness to the audience in the evangelization conference and continue to bring gospel to everyone’s heart and soul.