Nov 2009 – Mini Gathering for Photon Inc. CD Promotion 迷你聚會,宣傳Photon“The Way 6”專輯

經過二零零八年的兩場福傳音樂會,Prism 在零九年雖然沒有舉辦大型活動,但我們仍然不斷的支持其他的音樂福傳工作。零九年加拿大的Photon發行了新專輯<The Way 6 不一樣的路>。我們除了感到高興以外,也決定身體力行,介紹這張專輯給灣區的朋友。我們的樂隊走訪了灣區多個華人天主教堂區和團體,以小型音樂會的形式,把專輯的福傳歌曲跟教友分享。藉得一提的是這次樂隊繼續有新成員加入,當中的結他手、低音結他手、及兩位歌手都是新成員。在年青成員的帶領下,這次的巡迴小型音樂會非常的成功,教友們對我們的支持有增無減。而灣區的教友亦十分支持Photon的專輯,在灣區銷量也很不錯。


After the two evangelization concerts in 2008, Prism have decided to use another way to evangelize. Instead of preparing for big evangelization concerts, we continue to evangelize through supporting other evangelization music groups. In 2009, Photon from Canada has published a new CD, “The Way 6 – A Different Path”. We were not only delighted; we decided to help out in person. We wanted to introduce this CD to the parishioners in the Bay Area, so Prism band members have decided to visited many different Chinese Catholic groups and parishes all over Bay Area and performed mini concerts with songs from the CD. One thing we wanted to mention is we continued to have new members joining our band, such as guitar player, bass guitar player and two new singers. Under the leadership of young adults, these mini concerts were very successful, the support from parishioners has gained more than ever. Also, parishioners in the Bay Area were very supportive with Photon; the sales of the CD were not bad.

The events in 2009 have helped us to understand that evangelization work is borderless. As long as it is God’s work, does not matter if we are in the United States or Canada, God will act through us and show his love.

Photon Music:

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