Prism recorded Christmas Carols at Singtao Radio Station. With Christmas fastly approaching, we were invited by "Cross Radio" to record a few Christmas carols at the SingTao Chinese Radio recording studio. In order to complete the project before Christmas, Tracy, Wilson, and Myron rushed over to Brisbane from Berkeley immediately after their final exams, while Geoffrey, Louisa and Cecilia arrived on time after a long day's work. Despite everyone's tiredness from the day's various commitments, the recording session proceeded accordingly. We recorded a traditional carol O Little Town of Bethlehem, a Jazz-flavored Jamaicnan Noel Tiny Little Baby, and an original work by PRISM, Creations. We had to be extra cautious, because without any instrumentation, the entire harmony would have been affected even if one person goes slightly out of tune. This was very challenging for us; nonetheless, with team spirit and our musical talents, we finished the recording under four hours. Tiny Little Baby aired on 12/22/06 on Fan's Club, a SingTao Chinese Radio program, hosted by DJ Giovanni. The other songs were aired on Cross Radio on 12/23.

Prism 在星島中文電台收錄聖誕詩歌。我們應 Cross Radio 的邀請下,到星島中文電台收錄了數首聖誕詩歌。為趕及在聖誕前完成,Tracy、Wilson 和 Myron 完成當日的考試便由 Berkeley 跑到來 Brisbane 錄音。 Geoffrey、Louisa 和 Cecilia 亦都在完成一整天的工作之後準時到達。雖然大家帶著疲倦的身軀來到電台,但總算順利完成任務。我們收錄了一首傳統聖詩 “O Little Town of Bethlehem”、一首具爵士味道的Jamaican Noel “Tiny Little Baby” 與及一首 Prism 的作品 “創造”。沒有樂器的輔助下,我們必須很留神,因為當一個人走音的時候,整個和聲也受影響,對我們來說,這是難度什高的挑戰。但是憑著我們的團隊精神及音樂才能,我們在四小時完成了錄音。DJ祖雲尼已經在12/22/06的節目 “粉絲俱樂部” 播出 “Tiny Little Baby”。其他歌曲亦可在12/23播出的 “漫步心靈路” 中欣賞得到,請多多支持。