Thanks our Lord! Catholic Evangelization by Hong Kong Artist "Law Naan" at San Francisco Riodian High School is completed with great success! Prism members feel all excited and grateful about it. That particular night, our feelings are like riding a roller coaster. Since there are so many unexpected and sudden changes, in the minute before the show Prism were still not very sure what exactly we needed to perform. However, all the members were very understanding and stayed very calm. For all sudden instructions and request during the show we can still handle it smoothly and calmly. Thanks all Prism members and those who support us, so that we can continue to spread our joy and love through God’s music.

感謝主!在三藩市的 Riodian High School 舉行的 “羅蘭 – 向灣區出發” 經已完滿結束。能夠參與這個佈道會,Prism感到非常榮幸和興奮。這一晚的演出,對Prism 來說,簡直是一個緊張刺激的晚上。因為有太多特發事件和變數,我們在演出前一分鐘也不肯定我們需要唱那一首歌,不需要唱那一首歌。雖然如此,我們卻出奇的鎮定,對所有特發的指示也能輕鬆面對及演出。在此感謝每一位成員和支持我們的朋友,讓我們能夠在這個佈道會上, 繼續以音樂來傳播天主的福音。