Information about Catholicism and different parishes in San Francisco.

“The Friends of Jesus’ Passover” is a group of Chinese Catholic Youth, who come fromvarious Overseas Chinese Communities around the world and gather together to doEvangelization for Overseas Chinese. During the Evangelization Rallies (or Concerts),they sing songs composed by themselves, and share their joy, their prayers and faithexperience with all the participants.

《生命恩泉》 是加拿大全國性的天主教 鹽與光電視 中文節目部。我們的事工在二零零四年十二月由一班居於加拿大多倫多的華人天主教徒成立,希望透過不同媒體 (以電視為首),向加拿大的華人社區傳播福音。目前,「死亡文化」正在侵蝕我們的下一代,我們的理想,就是宣揚福音,維護「生命文化」。
Fountain of Love and Life (FLL) is the Chinese Programming Ministry of Salt + Light Television(a national Catholic television network). Our ministry was formed in December 2004 in Toronto by a group of Chinese Catholics with a goal to evangelize to the Chinese communities in Canada through various media, beginning with television. Our vision is to spread the Gospel to fight against the prevalent culture of death, which is corrupting our younger generations, and to uphold the Culture of Life.

Photon 是一間以福傳為使命的機構,由華人天主教友於加拿大自資成立, 全力製作及推廣福傳產品。過去多年, Photon 製作的 The Way 音樂專輯,已經傳遍世界各地, 在不同的教會活動及信仰聚會中為主工作, 併發光芒。
Based in Canada, Photon was founded by Chinese Catholics with the mission to produceproducts that touch people’s hearts with God’s love, and to nurture the development ofChinese Catholic musicians. Over the years, Photon has produced and distributed “The Way” music around the world; the music has become an integral part of many parishevents and ministries, proclaiming and celebrating God’s unconditional love for us.

California Chinese Catholic Living Camp (CACCLC) unifies Chinese Catholic young adults to learn about God and to live out God's Word, in full communion with God and His people.

CROSS 是天主教華人青年聯會(CYAM) 其中的一個部門,成立於 1998 年。CROSS 成立的主要目的,是希望透過電台及互聯網上的廣播,可以把天主的福音 帶到不同的地方。
CROSS (Chinese Radio of Spiritual Services) is a local Chinese catholic radio program.Based in San Francisco, California, their mission is to spread out God's words throughradio and internet broadcast.