2009      Sep – Oct

Prism mini concert to promote The Way VI album

迷你演唱會,以宣傳 “The Way 6”專輯


Prism submitted 3 songs to Photon, published in “The Way 6”

Prism 提交的3首歌曲,” 踏出多一點”,”迷途”,”與你漸近” 已收錄在 “The Way 6” CD專輯


Music Directors:                      Agatha Lee

                                           Yolanda Wai

Prism Coordinator:                   Cecilia Cham

Singers:                                Rufina Wu

                                           Mary Wong

                                           Isaac Tse

                                           Eddy Kwong

Keyboardist:                          Yolanda Wai

Guitarists:                             Kevin Wu

Bassist:                                Edwin Lo

Drummer:                              Kevin Lei